Boost productivity and enliven corporate culture with healthier and happier employees

What is Terryfit Corporate Wellness?

TerryFit Corporate Wellness believes and lives by social health as well as the need for mind and body wellness in the work place. We believe a happy healthy employee leads to an increased productivity, thus an increase in your bottomline. The boardroom has embraced well-being in the last decade, as employees seek appreciation and enriching experiences at work and stagnating productivity has shown the need for change. 


Everyone is wired to be social and develop meaningful relationships. TerryFit offers activities which engage each employee to be social focusing on the very essence on how people connect and communicate. TerryFit offers these activities which allow each employee to take control of their emotional, social, and physical wellbeing.

Many chronic diseases today ARE preventable. Since we spend most our days at the workplace, most the prevention can happen here by implementing a wellness program. Too often, health benefit programs seem expensive, time-consuming for the employer, and just generally overwhelming. But they don't have to be.  Providing a robust wellness program like TerryFit Corporate Wellness gives your organization a competitive edge and allows it to stand out attracting top talent to your human resources. Take advantage of our social, mental, and physical activities today!

Select the plan that fits your company's needs

Plan A

$400 / month


  • Up to 4 activities of on site services

    • *Therapeutic Services must be same day

  • 30 min seminar on TerryFit Corporate Wellness activities.

  • 10% Off any additional add on Al La Cart Service

Plan B

$1100 / month


  • Up to 8 activities of on site services

    • *Therapeutic Services must be same day

  • 60 min catered seminar on TerryFit Corporate Wellness activities.

  • 20% Off any add on Al La Cart Service

Plan C

$2000 / month


  • Up to 12 hours of on site services

    • *Therapeutic Services must be same day

  • 60 min catered seminar on TerryFit Corporate Wellness activities.

  • Goodie bags and discounts to partner companies to upper management.

  • 40% Off any add on Al La Cart Service

  • 20% Off TerryBeauty VelaShape III single treatment


A La Carte

Customize your Terryfit Corporate Wellness plan with additional benefits to suit your company's unique culture. Pick your favorite  on-site activity and we will do the rest!

Group Fitness

OnSite group fitness is a great way to bring employees together to release some endorphins to some pumping top 40s hits while outdoors and/or in the on-site fitness studio. We offer hike workouts, beach workouts, and indoors functional bootcamp classes. 

From $150/hr

Dance Fitness

Tone your rear, legs, arms and core with this amazingly fun experience to increase endurance, strength and confidence. Begins with high tempo 20 minute dance cardio. Enters into the strengthening section. Ends with mindful stretching. You do not need to know how to dance! Just bring an open mind, your sneakers, positive energy, and smiles!

From $180/hr

Chair Massage and Table Massage

Just 15 min of chair massage in the work place has been scientifically proven to lower stress, reduce muscle tension, and rejuvenate the mind and body and to make your employees desk warriors. Full body table massage is also available for the full benefits of hands on body work. Licensed and insured therapists in prenatal, sports, medical, deep tissue, and Swedish are here to take you away from the daily stresses. 

From $180/hr

*4hr minimum 

FST (Fascial Stretch Therapy)

FST is functional and dynamic, and aims to improve every aspect of athletic performance and fitness recovery. Fascia is fibrous connective tissue that wraps and supports muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, organs, nerves—pretty much everything. Get ready to increase your flexibility, reduce pain and tension, and feel completely rejuvenated by one of our licensed practitioners. 

From $190/hr

Compression therapy

We use the Normatec Pulse Pro recovery system, the most advanced rehab recovery solution on the market. The compression reduces swelling, edema, and inflammation following surgery, injury or post-workout recovery. The innovative technology helps you to recover faster in between workouts by increasing blood flow activity, and strengthening vein support. 40min sessions available.

$80/ session

*3 session minimum

Meditation + BreathWork

With mindfulness and meditation on the rise in the workplace, employers are finding a staggering increase in productivity and overall wellbeing. TerryFit Meditation helps balance and center your thoughts and patterns of thinking to encourage positivity, and a feeling of bliss and hope. Every exhale releases tension and any trigger or stressor accumulated in life or throughout the day. 

From $250/hr

Ergonomics, by LA Clippers Doctor of Physical Therapy

We will target ergonomics as they pertain to the physical efficinecy in the office or warehouse. Postural mal-alignments largely contributes to accumulated spinal injuries and associated pain. This tends to exacerbate where we spend most our time; at the work place, texting, and while driving. We will provide the tools to encourage improved posture with at the desk exercises, as well as day to day functional fitness. 

From $350/hr

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