TerryFit offers individual packages suited to your health and wellness goals. Our fitness focus is endurance, strength, balance, fun, and overall confidence. Please inquire about group fitness within our Corporate Wellness Program. 


TerryFit Hike – To build stamina and endurance while on an incline. Combo of brisk walks with bursts of 15-30 second sprints, accompanied by lunges, backward walking, and breath work. Hikes begin and end with stretching.

TerryFit Stairs – To build over all strength in legs, glutes, and core, and increase endurance. Start with a 5 minute warmup before conquering the stairs. Jumping jacks and planks in between each stair set. Option to jog up the block in replace of a stair set. Stairs sessions begin and end with stretching.  

TerryFit Beach – The ultimate calorie burn to rid your body of those excess pounds for the summer. Exercising on sand offers not only amazing views but also a huge calorie blast with serious results. Protect your body and prevent injuries while working out on the sand.  


TerryFit Circuit Training – Our only indoor training which offers multiple stations for a HIIT workout session involving jump rope, BOSU ball balance squats, light handheld weights, planks, mountain climbers, oh my! We are now ready for TerryFit Recovery!

Please Call or Email for Rates, and private groups!

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