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Jalen Rose

Former NBA Player

AFBT worked wonders on my aching body. During my competing I put my body under a great deal of stress. Getting their therapeudic massages and experiencing that DMS machine was incredibly healing and decreased my recovery time. I highly recommend their services.


Hugo, Body Building Champion

Hugo Alvarado

Body Building Champion

Suelly Medeiros

Brazilian Model


I am a brazilian model.  I have a lot of pressure to look good and to keep my body toght. Working with AFBT has made my work easy, and my photographers' life even easier.  I feel healthy, injury free, energetic and hot!  Thank you AFBT! I recommend all models out there who need that extra nudge the safe and healthy way. 






Suelyn Medeiros, Brazilian Model


CrossFit Competitor

Candice Maldonado

Project Developer

New Mommy!


Physical Therapist Assistant

Pregancy Massage:

Prenatal massage by Kristen was a lifesaver especially at the end of my pregancy when the physical changes were at an all-time high.  Having had several other massages  elsewhere earlier in my pregancy, which did little to relieve my pain, I was so thrilled to come across Kristen and her services offered. I couldn't stop singing her praises to freinds and family because the relief was just what I needed.  She was able to focus and isolate the key areas that were most problematic for me, safely and effectively.  I referred other soon to be mommys to her.  I am forever grateful!


Candice Maldonado, New Mommy! And, Product Developer

Maria Pereira

Brazilian Model

I really had to trim up and get fit for my new modeling career in USA.  It was a challenge for me to get into the best shape with my back injury which limited me very much.  After learning the corrective exercises for my back and how to focus on my core muscles, my body has become pain free and I am in the absolute best shape EVER!  My posture has improved and has helped tremendously in my photos.  AFBT rocks! They will certainly go far.


Maria Pereira, Brazilian Model


Office Manager

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